Using Rasberry Pi 2 Model B as a Remote Desktop client (Archlinux)

I am using a Pi as an RDP client to control my Windows 10 rig and results are satisfactory.

Some details:

Running Archlinux with Openbox. RDP client is rdesktop. I've tried to keep it as lean as possible since the Pi does not have a lot of resources in the first place.

X is autostarted at login by putting this into ~/.bash_profile (or ~/.zsh_profile):

if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ] && [ "$(fgconsole)" -eq 1 ]; then exec startx fi

In ~/.xinitrc I have exec openbox-session. And in ~/.config/openbox/autostart I have rdesktop -g 97% -P -z -x l -r sound:off -u saurav rig.local:3389& So that as soon as I log in, I get a connection to my rig. This command is also aliased to rigrdp so I can start it up on demand.

You can man rdesktop to see what those flags are. Pressing CTRL + ALT + Enter toggles full screen.

So in this way the rPi kinda appears to be much more powerful than it really is cause you're actually using your Win10 rig, and as long as your network throughput is good you should get a snappy enough performance!

Some other "apps" I have on the rPi:

  • dillo - superlightweight web browser
  • rxvt-unicode - cause I absolutely loathe xterm
  • conky - your rPi's "dashboard"
  • menumaker - to dynamically generate menus for openbox

I would very much like to entirely ditch OpenBox and all the apps if I could somehow launch rdesktop straight on startup. Kind of like how kodi-standalone-service does. Maybe will save that for another day.