How to fix wifi on printer to allow you to still use it as a scanner

Its stupid. I have an Epson NX530 printer/scanner which worked really well when it did.

Trying to shave some $$ I opted for off brand ink cartridges and that too worked pretty well for a year or two. Until my printer decided enough was enough and just stopped accepting cartridges, off brand or original.

It stubbornly displayed an error that the cartridges could not be recognized and refused to do anything else.

So what if I wanted to scan something. That didn't need any ink. But because of that error, it didn't let me use the printer interface to do anything.

My first solution was to lug the whole thing downstairs and connect it to my Windows PC which had the Epson Scan software, and connect it via good old usb cable and use the software to trigger scans. Worked well, except it took a chunk of my desk space.

As time went on and my desk became more cluttered, I kept wishing the scanner still worked like the good old days (wireless scanning). But I couldn't use the printer panel to enter my wifi information!

One day I decided to look for answers and stumbled across the start here Epson sheet that they provide with all new printers. And right there on that sheet were the golden words I needed to hear:

During installing the software for the first time ...

When you see the Select Your Connection screen, check the “Connection options” section on this sheet for more information. Choose your connection. Then click Next (Windows) or Continue (Mac OS X) and follow the instructions on your computer screen.

And so I did, I selected Wireless Connection, entered my credentials, and my PC set the wifi on the printer and now, even though the printer panel still showed the error about the cartridges, it was connected to my wifi network.

Which meant I could place it anywhere in my house and scan remotely! SUCCESS!