Recently, I was trying to lookup release notes for a particular release of the Search API on d.o ( I realized that I could only flip through individual, sequential release notes. e.g. - 1.20 - 1.21. There was no (visible) way to see what changed between release version 1.13 (which one of my sites was on) and 1.21 (most current version).

I could just check out the git repository and do a git log --oneline --pretty or something similar to filter between the release tags that I needed and that would be the end of it, but

  • That's seemed like a lot of work (repetitious) to get to the end result
  • perfect for automating it with a specialized service
  • tedious to always work in the command line (gasp! I'm sorry!)

So I'm currently scoping out the beginning of my project Release Hound (v1.0). It would have to be:

  • version controlled: I hate microsoft (for reasons I haven't yet blogged) and ever since they bought up beloved Github I've been itching to try out something else. Most likely Gitlab since that seems to be next in line. But I'm not entirely sold on it as I want to explore other options as well
  • hosted somewhere: I run this blog on Digital Ocean (which abbreviates to d.o as well, damnit!) and would love to run Release Hound on it as well so I dont spent time as well as money for my side project. Only as needed. Or maybe let the project page on the version control be the RH homepage.
  • expert at reading git logs and outputting information into JSON or other standardized language. That way its not used JUST with drupal but with anything else that runs on git and needs log reports.
  • unique: Maybe someone has already done this. In which case, I'll try to offer my help there instead of starting from scratch. I admit, its much more exciting to start something new. Maybe I just will.